No Jones.

Here’s the deal:  Currently I have been researching the “Mom Blog.” You know the ones, flowers, crafts, how their children are the greatest thing since whatever was great before them, artistic lunches, clothes, diapering methods, creative ways to potty train, etc. I am expecting my second child in December and I, oh so productively, spend my time at work checking out pregnancy blogs and websites. In fact I feel rather inadequate when I peruse the Bento mom blogs and their creative web photos of their artistic creations.  

I am not crafty, not cutesy. I do not try to impress. I could care less about what the Joneses are up to.  I am realistic. I do not separate my laundry. I am political. I get excited about revolutionary thinking and challenging the status quo. I seldom see political or news commentary on the “Mom Blog.” Why not? Have you no stance on the community/ society in which you live and raise your children? I am so curious what other moms tell their growing citizens about the real life issues. Not pipe-cleaner flowers and strawberries shaped like letters. 

 I am scattered. My system of “organization” is one that only I get, most of the time. I will write about what moves me at that moment. The goal of this little project is to dig deeper into the real world of mom’s. Not the Joneses.


About mommaexposed

Stubborn minded, life analyzer. Best-Friend/wife. Mother of one 4 year old and one on the way.
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